Do We All Plant Trees, if we can?

We are showing this at Carrowcrory, a few days after release in Ireland, on Sunday, October 1st, we can only sell 30 tickets as we cannot afford a bigger licence or hve parking ... so book early, link below. 

A lot of issues in a complex web.

 I know several people who think that growing trees is a waste of space, so it seems only a few are interested in planting trees. Several people complain that trees spoil views too ... but there's very little we can do with a 'view' to survive. 

World population increase demands more land for farming and this accelerates faster when more meat is added to diet.

More farmland  and more home development land means less land space for trees, wildlife, birds, wild fauna. With all of those reduced weather patterns change. 

There is an illusion that we can make more space on earth and denial that it is a fixed size closed system. The earth does not expand because we want it too.

Some say to me how the world can take more people and everyone fed well ... but alongside that is 50% reduction of world wildlife within 40 years ... so something does not add up and divide there. 

This film seems to cover a small corner of a larger issue, and I feel it is best to cover something focused anyway. As forestry is more of a passion than coasts, mountains, prairies and deserts with me, the subject suits me well ... but those other things worthy of passion too, from those called to them.

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