Woodland & Water Retreats

There are requests to extend some of the things we do within the Carrowcrory Labyrinth Gardens and Bards In The Woods.

Any of this work I theme under the name of 'Find Your Story'

Do you wish to write, record, make films?

Do you enjoy being in the lush of nature, and be inspired.

Do you yearn for an outlet for your inner voice and the time to do this? 
There are several good writer's workshops around that help people be inspired and place those inspirations into a self published book or dare to seek publishers. These workshops help people with poetry, stories, and memoirs.

My own approach is for the private journal keeper, the blogger, the podcaster, the YouTube uploader, the Vimeo short films maker.

Through these modern outlets you can build your archive of content that eventually becomes your book, your recording, or even your film. You may engage in a passion of performing.

I can currently offer two workshop spaces for you.

Find Your Story Afternoons 
at Longford Demesne Wood, nr Sligo

The first two dates, at an introductory €15 rate, including lunch, are

9th April  12:30 pm (lunch served) until 4:30 pm
7th May   12:30 pm (lunch served) until 4:30 pm

I will have a video up and picture gallery very soon
Register through my contact page for now

When you register I will provide an address etc/

Find Your Story At Carrowcrory

Open to just one person at a time, Stay at Carrowcrory, your own room, 3 to 9 days

Two days work, 8 hours a day, work at Carrowcrory
Followed by a day of 'Find Your Story' that includes visits to local places
Nice bed in our thatched cottage and all meals at no charge.

Request this through my contact page for now