Find Your Story Afternoons 
at Longford Demesne Wood 

nr Beltra village, Co. Sligo, nr the Ox Mountains

I am working on a trailer video to present this for you. For now I hope you will enjoy my text introduction  here ...

Intention ...

'Find Your Story' is journey over a bridge between 'inspiration from nature' and 'publishing your best seller' :-)

Our afternoon together goes from a relaxed nature walk to easy live production and production of your inspirations.

In the woodland we learn ways to channel visions and experience clarity.

The first two dates, at an introductory €15 rate, including lunch, are

9th April  12:30 pm (lunch served) until 4:30 pm
7th May   12:30 pm (lunch served) until 4:30 pm

I will have a video up and picture gallery very soon
Register through my contact page for now

When you register I will provide an address etc/