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Return Of The Invisible Friend

This is about my favourite Tree Labyrinth quest that I invite walkers to tune in with. This is an experience of allowing our minds to become quiet, become present, and allow sensory love to flow.

When this happens, maybe the awareness of the question being asked is now getting guidance. Guidance seemingly flowing through a guardian angel, spirit guide ... or return of the invisible friend from our childhoods.

As a child, our invisible friend shared our wonder 

... of singing with birds, chasing rabbits, interpreting the clouds, and visualising our destiny in our sand pit or pool of mud. Our invisible friend verified the alchemy of our childhood magic.

Sadly, we were sent to school with curriculums designed to create order within us and dissolve and wipe out this magic.

For many of us there were also churches doing similar. There were spankings if we tried to break away from bathing and being groomed into this order. All that washing, and combing. Lectures about growing up, being respo…

This Moment Is The Greenest

Another in my series about Labyrinth Garden quests. this is about transforming  moments through savouring every sensory response. I am also going to relate this to the thoughts that we may be amplifying through January, but do also carry all year round too.

Many of us think of becoming the new ‘me’ 

... becoming skinnier, fitter, happier, loving more, and getting a bit more loot into the bank.

Imagine if we achieved all that, easier than we thought. Would we really be happier, more satisfied, and have refueled our inner longings?

Impossible, as by the flow of nature we cannot be constant with our contentedness, well not from those goals achieved.

The ‘disease’ seems to be that we either invent a problem within a calm situation, or worry about not worrying. So we may carry a lifelong question, “what can we do to create sustained inner peace?”

Who reading this believes there is a “problem” to fix? 

... because without one we may be bored? Or we may go into ourselves and bathe in our lon…

Connecting With Fractals In Nature

You may have read in my Bathing In The Fae’s Breath Book, and various articles, about how I changed from being a Ley Hunter addict to a completely opposite view and interpretation of Ley Lines.

What on Earth in Nature goes in straight lines? 

Its all circles, spirals, and snaking shapes, I then believed. But when we contemplate on the perfection of flower petal leaves, the unfolding of fern fronds, and the falling of snowflakes we become awed by the fractal formations of Nature.

Fractals are curved, circular and spiral geometricals in Nature. They have a remarkable duplication either exacting in size or exacting in reducing or increasing scales. This phenomena has been used to identify and calibrate crystal formation and growth, and galaxy formation and growth.

I was inspired to write this article from memories of one of my favourite ‘toys’ as a child, ‘Spirograph’. I bought one for my young granddaughter, recently, who loves challenges in art and design.

Pythagoras and Plato were perh…

Spiralling Fear Back To Love

This is the first of two articles exploring more into the labyrinth experiences offered here at the Carrowcrory Labyrinth Gardens, especially the Tree Labyrinth.

Some of the lovely compliments and feedback we receive is visitors describing how they discovered their fears, guilt and shame floating away and replaced with a renewed, peace, connection, and love too ... so I would like to explore that here.

Fear is quite an open topic these days, 

... with our leaders focused on holding us together through fearmongering more than ever.

Its as if they covertly let snakes loose into our lives, then openly campaign that they can get rid of our snakes. They promise to do this in return for us supporting them on their journey to acquisitions.

Holistic, alternative therapy, and well being people talk a lot about ‘energy’ and ‘energies’. They talk about this to describe the presence of objects as well as people, and of places and spaces they stand in. They speak about light energies, dark energie…

Core of the Coire

My Gàidhlig and Gaeilge language abilities are extremely thin but one word I love and use a lot, as there is no real Latin language alternative is Coire.

I fumble abundantly trying to explain that in English. Its a word describing a condition much more than a ‘thing’. Holding the Coire condition can be a valley, a hollow hill or mountain, a cooking pot, a cauldron of course, sometimes a spring well if it bubbles into a pool, our stomachs, and even our heart chakra.

It is commonly used to describe any place where the fairies or fae gather, or a place where we can commune with the fae, when we believe they are everywhere, in all life, but need a space to trust and commune in their world.

My pause, and inspiration, to write this article ... 

... has been aroused from my reactions to sympathies towards activism. There has been a lot of that lately. Main causes right now are the brutal home evictions and what seems to be either growing racism, or lingering racism that is opening up.

I do n…

A Pause For Food

After talking about the joy of markets, lets pause for a thought about food. I often do on Sunday, the day after buying some food in and thinking of the menus for the week.

As we know, out thoughts construct our creations and realities, and change our lives. It’s January, and people think a lot about food now, such as how to eat less, reduce calories, eat healthier, and the vegan foods marketing is in full throttle.

So I went to the market, bought food that I know tastes better. 

I have well discovered this is not placebo mentality, as many local organic food fans will verify.

Next step is home made meals all made from scratch. Nothing from packets and tins with microwaving instructions. We then discover our home made food tastes better than the packets, and even better than restaurants.

I am absolutely hopeless when I try to be cheffy with packet food. It usually comes out rubbery or burned ... and takes longer to prepare.

With Claire we sometimes say “let’s go to a restaurant for a …

Saturday, It’s Market Day!

Well I tend to think of it as that.
Today, while buying my tasty veggies,
And delicious fruit I uttered,
It’s quiet here today?

And so I was told ...

Ah, the folk are still hibernating.
We will not see them until March.
Even then there is an age divide.
We mainly see the senior folks here.
What will we do when they are gone?

Hopefully the young will be senior
Doing the same then,
... or will they?

I go to market out of habit,

Not as a trend. Not as part of the
Almond milk latte culture,
Or as a Vegan t-shirt activist.

Today, reminded of childhood icy roads, icy paths.
Being dragged to market, dragged from stall to stall.
Tingling toes inside my boots from frost numbness.
Back then, I didn’t care about the taste of every cheese,
An explanation of what an avocado was,
Or that cabbages were only a penny a head.

I remember the coughing man shouting out his
Special Offer on Victory Vs,
Perfect to get rid of the cold and coughs
And trying to shout louder than the penny a head man.

Through thi…

Is Storytelling Fake, Fiction, or Foresight?

I believe storytelling is in the spirit, soul, hands and delivery of the storyteller. Is the storyteller the conduit, messenger, or reference library?

There’s a lot of ‘Chinese whispers’ within storytelling. 

Its a huge entrapment around a storyteller to be challenged with “where are the facts?”.

I have no idea what ‘facts’ are. They seem to be a human created realm like time and space are, but much more difficult to calibrate into universal agreement.

I tend to think that these so called ‘facts’ knitted together would dissolve a storyteller out of existence. And what would a life without storytellers do to us?

To find out something, what do we prefer, the story or the text book? How many of us can stay awake more than 5 minutes into a sterile facts text book.

I think most of us could comfortably get through the Bible, Quran, or Torah much more than a doctorate historian’s dissemination of the Hittites and Persians.

With any story one person will tell it different to the next. 

Over ti…